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We were running with the night Playing in the shadows

We were running with the night Playing in the shadows
1 Mar 2015

Now that the new Blade Runner is finally in the works it reminded me of a game I played years ago on the Super Nintendo called Shadowrun.
It was an action role playing but it was unlike anything at the time, it combined cyber punk elements, medieval characters, magic and of course lots of gun play.
The story line was also very good and I have read somewhere that is loosely based on a Shadowrun book called “Never deal with a dragon”.
It’s shame that the game was a commercial flop even though it won many game industry awards and was highly critically acclaimed, this is probably why we never saw the sequel that was mentioned on completion of the game.
I know that there has been a successful kickstarter campaign that raised the funds for “Shadowrun returns” and this looks and feels very much like the original, If only I had some spare time I would love to give it a go.

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